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Carolyn Eslick is your candidate for Snohomish County Executive. She believes it is time for collaborative leadership which includes being tough on crime, fiscal responsibility and continued economic development.

She is the Mayor for the City of Sultan, serving her second term. With her council and staff she has maintained a balanced budget and created an award winning comprehensive plan. During her second term, under her guidance, Sultan became debt free and is currently in a very good fiscal position. While serving as Mayor, Carolyn noticed a desperate need on the county level to change fiscal policies, stop waste, and bring industry to Snohomish County. Throughout her career, Carolyn has worked tirelessly to promote business and create jobs where the residents of the county can have a stable income that will allow for a enjoyable lifestyle. In recent years, crime has risen in dramatic fashion. An increase in crime is unacceptable to Carolyn. The people of Snohomish County need a County Executive who will restore the county to the peaceful, prosperous community that people are proud to call their home.

In both politics and business, Carolyn has a unique ability to work with anyone from all walks of life to create successful results. Her success is not determined by being elected, but by the results that she produces while serving. In that spirit, Carolyn works side by side with all those elected to work with her. When there is a job to do, Carolyn Eslick gets it done.

After a successful Primary Election, Carolyn will be competing with incumbent John Lovick for Snohomish County Executive. If you compare both candidates records, you will know that the most qualified candidate for Snohomish County Executive is Carolyn Eslick.

As Snohomish County Executive, Carolyn will eliminate wasteful spending, saving the tax payers money and, at the same time, continue to develop business throughout the county.

Carolyn is also the founder of the micro enterprise business development center, GROW Washington. They have recently opened the third location and have assisted over 500 entrepreneurs in the last three years. Prior to her career in Public service, Carolyn has always served her community. In the early 1990′s she saw a need in her community to help families who had fallen on hard times. As a result she founded the Sultan Food Bank, using funds donated from private businesses.

There is only one candidate who has the leadership skills to develop new business, be tough on crime and give the streets back to the people. That candidate is Carolyn Eslick. Being elected to the position of Snohomish County Executive is an honor, and if elected, Carolyn will restore Honor to the position.




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